Digital Upskilling Programme

Digital Upskilling is a training programme developed by Vedas for individuals with limited or no IT skills. We help people to get the most out of IT and digital tools to boost their employment options. In the ever advancing world of technology – the internet powers a large proportion of how organisations recruit staff and Vedas ensure that people have the knowledge and skills required to get them started.

Programme Summary

  • The basics of operating a PC
  • Types of software used to develop a CV i.e. Microsoft Word
  • How to navigate around a PC: how to save, find & open documents
  • The internet & security: how to access the internet i.e. at home, Wi-Fi & public areas
  • The basics of search engines
  • The role of the internet in recruitment: how organisations use the internet to attract and recruit staff
  • Email: etiquette & how to use email effectively to apply for jobs
  • CVs & cover letters: do’s & don’ts
  • Types of job boards: how to find & register with different types of job sites
  • The purpose of Universal Jobmatch (UJM) & how to use it effectively
  • The role of mobile phones, tablets & applications