What is Propel2Grow?
Propel2Grow is an ERDF / Government Funded Business Support programme specifically designed to assist Lancashire businesses in achieving their growth plans.

What could the programme do for you?
Companies that have engaged with Propel 2 Grow have seen within 12-months turnover increase by up to 25% and gross profit by a staggering 50%!

How does the programme work?
Propel 2 Grow consists of two phases : phase one - Discovery & Diagnostic – which is delivered at no charge, followed by phase two, Intensive Sector Specific Support, which provides insight, consultancy into an area of your business which will enable you to unlock your growth potential.

Phase One – Discovery & Diagnostic 
Our team have a wealth of experience in analysis, planning and research and they will expertly guide you through the process using a range of tools in evaluating up to five members of your management team.

  • Personal Profiling Analysis (PPA)
  • Propel Pulse Business Analysis Questionnaires
    • Propel Connect™ - an emotional intelligence tool to assist with relationship building and impact for Sales, Service and Leadership professionals
    • Propel Adapt™ - a behavioural adaptability tool to help make the most of every business interaction

 The results of the above findings will be provided to you in a Pulse Report,which is yours to keep free of charge and will focus on how you can:

  • Grow your bottom line
  • Develop competitive advantage
  • Improve efficiency & effectiveness
  • Upskill the competencies of your management team & key operational staff

Phase Two – Intensive Sector Specific Support
At this stage we discuss a tailored, part funded ERDF support package that could be implemented specifically for your organisation.  This phase is delivered via a 'pick & mix' approach including:

  • Consultancy with business specialists in fields such as:
    • Strategy & planning
    • Business performance & improvement processes
    • Human resource management
    • Exploring innovation & competitive advantage
    • Leadership & talent management
    • Marketing and Sales Strategy, skills and implementation
    • Launching new products
    • Resource efficiency and effectiveness

What’s the next step?
To engage on the programme simply let us know, then have a think about who in the company you would like to engage in the research and diagnostic phase. We just need their names and email addresses to get the ball rolling and we’ll take care of the rest.

The offer is available to SME companies across Lancashire who have realistic growth potential*. However funds are limited and offered on a first come / first served basis so we would urge you to move quickly to secure your offer. (* some sector specific industry exclusions apply to ERDF funding. We will be able to advise you if this applies).