Skills Support for the Workforce

As a partner for learndirect Vedas are able to provide training solutions to small and medium employers in Lancashire. 

This contract is aimed at those employers with less than 250 employees and has 3 separate strands and Vedas can deliver across all 3:

  • Skills Support for Redundancy
  • Skills Support for the Workforce, Intermediate/Higher Skills provision
  • Skills Support for the Workforce, Basic Skills Provision

Strand 1: Skills Support for Redundancy Provision:

  • Supporting businesses undergoing restructuring by providing training and employability skills to employees at risk of redundancy
  • Supporting employers to retain existing employees through upskilling those are risk of redundancy
  • Also eligible - those made redundant in the previous 3 months

Strand 2: Skills Support for the Workforce – Intermediate and Higher Skills Provision:

  • Providing employees with opportunities to develop the skills to help them progress in employment
  • Supporting employers to develop individuals to fill internal vacancies requiring intermediate, technical or higher level skills

Strand 3: Skills Support for the Workforce – Basic Skills Provision:

  • Supporting sustainable employment and in-work progression of employees with low skills
  • Raising attainment levels to enable individuals to improve their employment status and move onto higher levels of training or move up the career ladder when suitable internal vacancies become available.